Here’s what’s being said about LiveWell’s Healthy Lifestyle Workshops, One on One Personal Training and WOW! Workouts!

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"Thank you Susan for creating such a fun, supportive atmosphere to work out in – my favourite fitness classes ever!" Michelle

“Since September WOW! classes started, my strength in golf has skyrocketed! Best game ever last week in Arizona! First week in December.” Melissa

"Thanks for a great class that honours where we are all at individually and adds fun!" Lara

"WOW! Does not even start to talk about my journey with Susan. I am so very thankful I did not ignore that WOW! street sign and started classes. I did not know how well I would be treated; with kindness, respect and understanding. When I falter Susan has ALWAYS supported me. I have learned to view my health in a more important way, not only about fitness, but more about healthy choices and how I can change." Dena

"I always look forward to attending Susan’s classes. They are a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. I am seeing the results of the work she has us do and am feeling stronger and fitter."

"After participating in WOW!'s Core & Restore class I felt relieved of the tension in my body. I felt calm and have better sleeps." Tamara

"Susan’s classes are small which have allowed me the opportunity to get to know the other women and in turn feel more confident. I have benefitted from Susan’s personal training/coaching input at every class.  Her active coaching in our workouts makes me want to try just that little bit harder.” Trish

"Susan’s classes fly by! I really enjoy the mix of unique activities that we do and am feeling fitter and stronger as a result of them." Janice

"WOW! gives me purpose to attend to my‎ health. The motivation and comradery seems to have taken years off my life in such a positive way. I love the energy! " Melissa M

"WOW! workouts have helped me to regain strength and balance in my leg after an injury. Susan is very encouraging!" Jill

"After just 2 of WOW!'s Core & Restore Classes, there was a noticeable improvement in my overall stability." Janice S.

"I always feel that Susan hears and remembers what I say and tailors her interactions with me to meet my individual needs - whether in an individual training session or a group session." Robin

"I love the support from women in WOW! and that I get a really good workout based on what is right for me." Laura

"This is the longest I have been pain-free and able to keep up regular exercise without re-injuring myself. Susan ensured my form was always good." Danielle

WOW! is my addiction! I have so much more stamina after each workout never mind overall. Susan keeps me on my toes and pushes me to the next level. I feel great and people notice" Melissa M 

“I joined WOW! in Sept. 2018.  I had previously been someone who preferred to work out at home and do my own routine.  However, after my husband of 44 years passed away and I was no longer his primary caregiver, I knew that I needed to take care of “me”. While exercising at home had given me a good aerobic workout, I knew that I needed a strengthening program and breathing regime as well. Taking part in the WOW! WorkOut Women has provided me with a warm, welcoming environment."  Trish

One on One Personal Training:

"Susan has shown me how to treat my body through her heart and energy. I have never felt so beautiful." Launa

"What sets Susan apart from other trainers that I’ve worked with is that she continually listens and adapts to the individual. She looks at the whole individual and how their lifestyle affects results – everything from injuries, to diet, to stress – it wasn’t just about trying to squeeze 5 more burpees out of me." Cory

"I was never healthier than I was when training with Susan. Her holistic approach integrated fitness with lifestyle and nutrition. The workouts were varied, keeping me interested and were adjusted to fit limitations. Best of all, Susan is genuinely interested in her clientele and a work out is never just about the work out. It is about spending time with a caring coach who was interested in assisting you achieve your personal health goals." S.S.

"Thank you for your knowledge on health and nutrition and your gentle nudge to keep me coming back week after week. Learning to breath through my nose has increased my energy level in all aspects of my life. Than you for caring!" Tracy

Want to live a more pain-free, mobile life?

I have suffered from low back pain since 2008 when my vehicle was rear-ended by another. At the time I didn’t have the greatest benefits package so I did my best to just rest and let my back “heal itself”, but the pain never fully went away. Then, during my pregnancy in 2013, I had a problem with pelvic instability and a pinched sciatic nerve. Again, I didn’t really have the benefits to go for treatment so I continued to deal with it (rest, ice, heat, pills etc.) whenever it became aggravated. My tipping point came this past summer when I was hiking with my husband (a huge passion of mine), and after the 10th kilometre, my sciatic was firing down my leg so badly, I could no longer walk. We weren’t far from the end but my husband practically had to carry me back to the car. My chiropractor reaffirmed what I already knew and we came up with a plan to adjust me back to health. Part of this plan involved doing exercises to strengthen my core from the inside out. I was dedicated to getting back on the trail but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I wanted to make sure I was working my muscles correctly, not just guessing so I wasn’t doing more harm than good. I already knew Susan and enlisted her help. We started personal training in July 2018 and 12 weeks later I am thrilled with my progress. I can actually feel the strength and stability in my body during my workouts and activities that used to cause me severe pain, now cause me less pain and I have a quicker recovery time. My chiro could really see the difference too. Every appointment I had, she commented on my increased strength and ability to hold my adjustments. My original back scan in July showed nothing but stress (all red) – my progress scan now has pink and green areas and I am now into maintenance care! Susan has been so supportive and great at helping me through this journey. She adjusts her plan and exercises to fit my exact needs for the day to ensure we continue in the right direction to health. I really love the mix of personal time and small group time and we have a lot of fun. I enjoy working out again and I would highly recommend you go see Susan if you want to live a more pain-free, mobile life! Ally C

Healthy Lifestyle Workshops:

"Seeing and sampling the different cultured dairy and the 4 steps to making my own cultured dairy has benefited me.  Since the Cultured Dairy workshop 5 days ago, I have made my first delicious tasting kefir." Michael

"Thank you so much for LiveWell Workshops! You are such a good teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed every workshop." Roxanne

"At the Bone Broth Workshop I learned how to get the most nutrients in the broth." Laurie