Scary and Frightening Pumpkin Workouts

There are NO excuses this Halloween! Burn calories, get all your muscles working and your heart rate up while you have some fun with this pumpkin themed workout! All you need is a pumpkin or 2 and someone to share the fun with. The Warm Up. 5 minute to 10 […]

Staying Strong Tips for every Woman

Ida Keeling’s got my attention. She’s 102 years old and continues to set world records in the 100-meter dash. What will I be doing at 102? Don’t be surprised if I’m still around; My grandmother and great grandmother both lived into their 100s. One thing you can be sure of, […]

The Hidden Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes | photo of women laughing

Social interactions, friendships and change in routine are some of the obvious benefits of group exercise classes, but what about the less obvious ones? Let’s take a closer look! Accountability Sign up for a group class, and you’ll feel greater accountability, immediately! Your classmates and instructor are expecting you, and […]