Just Eat Real Food

Some of us at Women On Weights challenged ourselves to Just Eat Real Food (JERF). We know that eating real food is one of the ways we get; more energy, healthier muscles, and help healing our bodies but, transitioning from our favourite comfort and holiday foods to Real Food eating, can be a daunting […]

How to Fight the Flu Naturally!

What can we do to prevent and fight the flu naturally? Sick people still show up at work, go to school, shop at the grocery store and visit the bank. One thing we cannot do is avoid sick people. And this year flu season is early. Some of you may have already had sniffles, coughs and […]

3 Proven ways to Eat Well and Save Money on Nourishing Food !

Who doesn’t like to spend less and get more! I sure do!  What about Nourishing Foods and Affordability? Can we be nourished on a budget? With the following three foods we can! And BONUS. They can all be made at home from locally sourced ingredients. Fermenting Vegetables not only keep the vegetables raw, preserving, and even increasing some vitamins and […]

Inspiration from a 90 year old.

Inspiration from a 90 year old! How she stays young in heart, mind and body! Last week I was talking with my friend Ellie in Winnipeg about life, love and loss. Ellie is a healthy, vibrant and mentally alert ninety year old. How did she do it besides inheriting some good genes? By nurturing faith, […]