3 Tips for Feeling Fabulous this Fall

woman enjoying fall

3 Tips for Feeling Fabulous this Fall September arrived quickly this year it seems, along with an unseasonable drop in temperatures. Add that to the usual changes from summer routines (longer days, more outdoor time and an abundance of fresh local salad greens) to increased work and school demands, harvesting […]

Your Summer Active Aging Tips

Your Summer Active Aging Tip #1.  Buy, prepare and eat local, fresh, chemical, herbicide and pesticide free food! Ideally organically farmed. Fueling your cells with nutrient dense food will help slow down the aging process. As we age our cells are affected; they breakdown, are less resistant to stress and the cell’s ability to reproduce […]

3 Proven ways to Eat Well and Save Money on Nourishing Food !

Who doesn’t like to spend less and get more! I sure do!  What about Nourishing Foods and Affordability? Can we be nourished on a budget? With the following three foods we can! And BONUS. They can all be made at home from locally sourced ingredients. Fermenting Vegetables not only keep the vegetables raw, preserving, and even increasing some vitamins and […]

3 ways to keep your bones dense, strong and flexible!

Eat Well for your Bones The one food that does this best for us is, Old Fashioned Bone Broth. It provides a variety of bioavailable minerals and has a high collagen content. Both minerals and collagen support our bone health. Not only is Bone Broth beneficial for Bone Health, it is known […]