Cranberry Sauce: A Breakfast Health Food?

Why just eat cranberries at Thanksgiving? Their nutrient profile is impressive enough to include throughout the year. They are low in calories, loaded with an array of nutrients; antioxidant rich, full of fibre, high in vitamin C, A and K and more. They improve immune function, benefit oral health, offer […]

A Deeply Satisfying Morning Broth

Broth for Breakfast? Yes please!  Any time of the year is good with me, but especially on a wintery morning when feeling a little achy and low in energy. As I write this, it’s actually mid April and spring is struggling to show up. It’s been an extra long winter […]

What do gardening and losing fat have in common?

It’s spring and you may have discovered not only Winter Waste in your garden that needed cleaning up, but also Winter Waist beneath your layers of winter clothing. What to do with that extra waist?? Like spring gardening, getting rid of the winter waist takes time and attention. Winter Waist, like cleaning […]

A SuperFood for Healing Achy Muscles and Joints & Recipe

Would you like a SuperFood for Muscle and Joint Aches you can make at home? A familiar comfort food that nourishes your family? One that you or your someone in your family has made before? This wonderful comfort food is homemade soup. Not the canned variety, but the soup made from […]

Just Eat Real Food

Some of us at Women On Weights challenged ourselves to Just Eat Real Food (JERF). We know that eating real food is one of the ways we get; more energy, healthier muscles, and help healing our bodies but, transitioning from our favourite comfort and holiday foods to Real Food eating, can be a daunting […]

My Favourite Easy to make Winter Soup

I love soup. I enjoy it at least once a day all fall, winter and even into spring. Toward the end of winter, when our meat supply is getting lower, and fresh spring vegetables are still far off, we consume a lot of soup. This allows us to extend our meat and […]

How to Fight the Flu Naturally!

What can we do to prevent and fight the flu naturally? Sick people still show up at work, go to school, shop at the grocery store and visit the bank. One thing we cannot do is avoid sick people. And this year flu season is early. Some of you may have already had sniffles, coughs and […]

Your Summer Active Aging Tips

Your Summer Active Aging Tip #1.  Buy, prepare and eat local, fresh, chemical, herbicide and pesticide free food! Ideally organically farmed. Fueling your cells with nutrient dense food will help slow down the aging process. As we age our cells are affected; they breakdown, are less resistant to stress and the cell’s ability to reproduce […]

3 Great Things about Fermenting with Friends

There are many things I love about fermenting vegetables with friends. The best is being with someone who is special to me. We get to share the work, talk lots and of course laugh. The time just seems to fly by. Last week I was with my friend Sue and her husband […]