3 Healthy Workout Drinks

What’s in your water bottle? For during and post workout hydration, we are not limited to tasteless or sugar laden drinks. Water and drinks like gatorade are not our only choices. Are you ready to try some tasty drinks that not only hydrate, but satisfy your thirst, replenish electrolytes, heal and restore tissue and energize? Here are my 3 favourite post workout drinks.

Refreshing and Flavourful

Kombucha is our choice after a challenging summer’s hike, bike ride or chore day.  It’s super trendy, so you’ll have no trouble finding it, and it’s incredibly easy to make your own. All you need are 3 ingredients and some culture to make this tangy, slightly sweet fermented beverage. Kombucha can be flavoured to your preference and as fizzy, sweet or tangy as you like. Benefits include electrolytes, minerals and vitamins ideal for satisfying your thirst and restoring energy.

Warm and Nourishing

Bone broth is my go to drink after an early morning workout while I wait for breakfast to cook. It’s a fast food that only requires a quick reheat in a small pot from fresh or frozen. The proteins in broth are anti-inflammatory, easily absorbed and helpful for bone and soft tissue (muscle & cartilage) healing. Homemade is the way to go. Make your own, or purchase from local farmers markets or grocery stores in the fridge or freezer section.

For the athlete in you

If you like pickles, you’ll love the addition of Fermented Pickle Juice to your water bottle. I add it to my water bottle when I’m on the go. A little or a lot, add enough juice to suit your taste buds and get the electrolytes and sodium to replenish what you sweat out. Read about more health benefits to gain from drinking juice from fermented vegetable here.

The benefits of making you own 

All three of these simple to make post workout drinks can be made at home by you. Find out the tips and tricks to making your own, as well as the health benefits of each in one of LiveWell’s interactive Workshops. Fine tune flavour preferences and save $.  Sign up for the next LiveWell Healthy Lifestyle Workshop online. Or book a private workshop for friends/family/work collegues/neighbours.

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