Scary and Frightening Pumpkin Workouts

There are NO excuses this Halloween! Burn calories, get all your muscles working and your heart rate up while you have some fun with this pumpkin themed workout!

All you need is a pumpkin or 2 and someone to share the fun with.

The Warm Up.

  • 5 minute to 10 minute walk in park, or raking leaves followed by these exercises.
  • Breathing Squat x 20. Slow squats to 2 pumpkins:
  • Step out burpee.  Regular burpee with step out and in instead of jump out and in x 10
  • Bat wing step out jacks instead of jumping jacks x 20:

The WorkOut:

Do each exercise 6 – 10 times  per side, holding a strong posture (no struggling or compensating on form).  For less intensity, do the exercises with no pumpkin. For more intensity, choose the Frightening version!

SCARY Workout: Squat to large pumpkin

FRIGHTENING Version: Squat to small pumpkin, add in a jump

SCARY Workout: Woodchop with small pumpkin
FRIGHTENING Version: woodchop with large pumpkin

SCARY Workout: Push Press with small pumpkinFRIGHTENING Version: Push Press with large pumpkin

SCARY Workout: Frankenstein LungesFRIGHTENING Version: Frankenstein walking lunges holding small pumpkin

SCARY Workout: Step Touches to pumpkin for 30 secondsFRIGHTENING Version: Run taps to pumpkin for 30 seconds, as fast as possible

Rest for 60 Seconds

Repeat 2-4 times / Repeat 4+ times

Partner Fun Challenges

  • Tug-O-War with pumpkin  
  • Pumpkin Squat hold for as long as possible. Great to do against a wall. 

Cool Down and Stretch

  • 10 minutes of gentle stretching

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