Cranberry Sauce: A Breakfast Health Food?

Why just eat cranberries at Thanksgiving? Their nutrient profile is impressive enough to include throughout the year.

They are low in calories, loaded with an array of nutrients; antioxidant rich, full of fibre, high in vitamin C, A and K and more. They improve immune function, benefit oral health, offer protection against some cancers and their juice is linked to lowering the risk of urinary tract infections. Used in moderation and without added sugar, this native to North America, truly is a health food. Don’t overdo them though as they do contain fructose which can be harmful when over done.

Include cranberries in trail mix, muffins, protein balls, apple crisp and homemade jellos. For maximum nutrients and taste use local and fresh berries. Add a few to a salad with olive oil instead of vinegar or use in homemade kombucha.

One way we enjoy it, is adding cranberry sauce as a side with local pastured eggs and sausage or liver and bacon.

You don’t have to add any sugar with a recipe like this one from Wellness Mama.¬†This year I used choke cherry juice from local bushes,¬† instead of orange or pineapple; and 2 drops of orange essential oil.

Just another way for you EAT WELL and FEEL HEALTHY with LOCAL and FRESH food!