3 Tips for Feeling Fabulous this Fall

woman enjoying fall

3 Tips for Feeling Fabulous this Fall

September arrived quickly this year it seems, along with an unseasonable drop in temperatures. Add that to the usual changes from summer routines (longer days, more outdoor time and an abundance of fresh local salad greens) to increased work and school demands, harvesting and perhaps starting new courses – you may be starting to feel your energy and mood drop. Or the opposite, you may feel invigorated.

Whether it’s a drop or increase in energy you feel, this is a season to take care of yourself. 3 ways you can keep feeling Fabulous this Fall are to eat well, move well, and breathe well. So how, exactly, do you do that?

Eat Well – eat local, eat fresh

a table of harvested vegetables

Fall is a time of abundance; our harvest season for many local fruits and vegetables. It’s also the time of year to get fresh, pastured animal meats. (Animals on pasture collect and store vitamins A, D, K, E over summer.)

One way to eat well using these local foods is to make soups and stews. Not only are these nourishing comfort foods, they are great as leftovers and freeze well.

Include a small amount of fermented food, such as sauerkraut, kimchi and ginger carrots with every meal. Fermented foods are good for your gut and brain. You can make your own, check out LiveWell Workshops  or purchase from the fridge section at a local Health Food Store or Farmers Market. You can also purchase Calgary made ferments online here from my friend Susan. (Please note, this is not a paid, affiliate link – I just really like her products.)

Avoid processed foods, sugars and starchy carbs that can lead to sugar highs and lows. Instead go for fresh foods such as pumpkin and other winter squash, carrots, parsnip, beets and dark leafy greens – all which are in abundance right now.

A couple of our favourite comforts foods, shepherds pie and apple crumble, can be made healthier without losing flavour with just a few ingredient changes. For shepherds pie use mashed cauliflower instead of mashed white potato and include a layer of dark leafy greens on top of the meat too. I like this one: http://passionforpaleo.com/shepherds-pie/

21 Day Sugar Detox’s Apple crumble is sugar free and uses an almond flour crust. I like to add in some shredded coconut to this crust. And for creamier apples you can add in half a cup of full fat coconut milk. Try: https://21daysugardetox.com/content/21dsd-recipe-granny-smith-apple-crumble/

Move Well – get outside and listen to your body

a group of people hiking through a forest in fallTo Move Well you need to Listen to your body!

Got Energy? Fall is a great time for hikes and bike rides outside with friends and family. Cooler temps make it more pleasant to expend energy and as a bonus, you burn more calories when exercising in colder weather.

Low in Energy?  Also spend time outside in nature, but keep the intensity lower.

Take time to appreciate the amazing fall colours, the shapes and sizes of leaves, watch the leaves falling, notice the smells. The practice of forest bathing helps to lower stress levels reduce blood pressure, and even improve memory and concentration.

Either way you do it, spending time outside in natural forested areas is going to clear your mind, boost your mood and build great relationships.

Breathe Well – breathe slowly and deeply

a woman takes a deep breath in nature

When we are stressed we tend to breathe with fast shallow breaths. When you feel hurried, anxious or under stress, remember to pause. Take a deep belly breath, relax your body then do this simple and effective exercise:

Breath into your belly for the count of 4. Hold the breath for count of 4. Exhale for count of 4. Repeat 4 Times. First thing in the morning, before meals and bedtime are ideal times to do this as well.

Deep breathing gets more oxygen into your body, helping you think more clearly and relieve tension.

Eat Well + Move Well + Breathe Well = Feeling Fabulous!