The Hidden Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes | photo of women laughing

Social interactions, friendships and change in routine are some of the obvious benefits of group exercise classes, but what about the less obvious ones? Let’s take a closer look!


Sign up for a group class, and you’ll feel greater accountability, immediately! Your classmates and instructor are expecting you, and you’ve invested your money. This extra accountability means you’ll feel a stronger commitment to attending class, sticking with your fitness routine, and achieving your healthy lifestyle goals. 


Ever stopped partway through a solo workout because you weren’t motivated? Maybe you weren’t that tired, but you just couldn’t find what it takes to push through. Perhaps you got sidetracked by your never-ending to-do list, or distracted by your phone. In a group exercise class, say goodbye to these struggles! Your instructor and classmates will energize, challenge and cheer you on to complete the workout, giving you all the motivation you need.


One of the greatest benefits of a well-run group exercise class is the personal attention and advice you’ll receive from a certified exercise professional. You can ask questions, get pointers on your form, and feel encouraged and supported in each and every workout. Your coach will give you a great boost, as you build your strength, energy and mobility!

More Endorphins

One study revealed that a rowing team had higher endorphin levels when they exercised together than when they exercised individually. So, what does this mean? If you exercise with others, you’ll likely produce more endorphins, meaning you’ll feel great and your brain will begin to associate exercise with positive feelings! Cool hey?

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