Myths About Exercise and Fitness as You Age

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Aging is a natural process. We all go through it! With a healthy lifestyle and a regular exercise routine, you can live each stage of life to the fullest! Sadly, some people hesitate to exercise as they add candles to their birthday cake, due to myths and misconceptions around exercise and aging. We’re excited to set the record straight. Ready to debunk some myths? Let’s go!

I Didn’t Exercise Before, So I Can’t Start Now

Trying something new can be intimidating. But, guess what? There’s no medical evidence or scientific reason that supports NOT exercising (unless your doctor says otherwise). In fact, exercise is good for your body, mind and soul during every stage of life. Yes, this goes for the couch potatoes too! Start out slowly, for short periods of time. Before you know it, your body will be craving movement!

It’s Dangerous to Exercise When You’re Older

Some worry that beginning to exercise can cause more harm than good. Maybe you’re concerned about spraining, straining or tearing something, or worse – “What if I have a heart attack!?” Well, the truth is there are greater risks with not exercising than the small risks that come with movement. The key to staying safe? Knowing your limits and starting out slow. A qualified and passionate personal trainer can help guide you towards a perfect fitness plan tailored to your needs.

I Have a Condition, So I Can’t Exercise

Arthritis? Diabetes? Heart disease? Exercise is proven to help improve many health conditions! However, you should always discuss your plans with your doctor to determine what types of exercise are most appropriate for you.

Working Out Will Increase My Pain

If you experience joint pain, you may be concerned about making your symptoms worse. However, many forms of gentle exercise can actually minimize stiffness. A qualified, compassionate fitness professional can direct you towards exercises that will work best for you!

Exercising as you age is something that should be embraced, rather than feared. Make it fun by moving in ways that feel right for you! Dance like no one’s watching, play with your kids or grandkids, catch up with friends during an evening walk, and make exercise a regular part of life!

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