Just Eat Real Food

Some of us at Women On Weights challenged ourselves to Just Eat Real Food (JERF). We know that eating real food is one of the ways we get; more energy, healthier muscles, and help healing our bodies but,

transitioning from our favourite comfort and holiday foods to Real Food eating, can be a daunting challenge. 

How do I make this transition to REAL FOOD?

One way I have made the transition to REAL FOOD, is to cook an extra large meal of mostly meat and vegetables on the weekends. That leaves us with plenty of left overs and sometimes bones to use for making bone broth, the basis for our homemade soups, stews and sauces. The weeks when there is not much meat left over, stews and soups fill the menu. This past Sunday, I cooked a turkey dinner for our family meal. The inspiration for this, came from the following items being on sale: mandarins and frozen cranberries, and turkey in the freezer. Perfect, because I wanted a reason to try Cranberry Mandarin Relish. So, we had turkey dinner in January! You could easily substitute chicken for this meal and the following soup recipe.

Here’s our Real Food Turkey Dinner Menu:

    • Roast pasture raised turkey, homemade seasoning blend, vegetables (carrot, onion, garlic, celery and a little chicken broth)
    • Roasted yam cubes seaoned with this homemade pumpkin spice blend
    • Homemade Saurkraut, we include caraway seeds in our recipe.
    • Cranberry Mandarin Relish. See my comments below on this recipe.
    • Gravy. This was the Jus from broth, meat and vegetable juices and spices left in the bottom of the roast pan.
    • Dessert: Mandarin oranges and taste testing banana pecan macaroons from 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook.

Until last weekend, I have always cooked cranberry sauce. This time I made Vitamin C rich cranberry and mandarin relish, by Jenny from Nourished Kitchen. As Jenny describes, it is fresh, lively and raw – with faint bitter undertones. What I love about this recipe, besides it being loaded with vitamin C, the taste and just 5 ingredients is: There is no cooking involved! 

There is sugar in this recipe and I did use some, but you could try without sugar or replace with raw honey or maple syrup. The recipe calls for fresh cranberries, but I used frozen. I made it with: 2 cups frozen cranberries, 2 mandarin oranges, juice of 1/2 lemon, juice of one apple, and approx 1 tbsp Costco’s organic palm sugar. Delicious and everyone wanted the leftovers!

Left Overs and Meals for 4 more days included: 

      • Lunches
        • turkey meat, saurkraut, salad greens with olive oil dressing, and cranberry mandarin relish
        • left over soups, salad greens with olive oil dressing, banana pecan macaroons, mandarins
      • One dinner – Turkey dinner leftovers heated up
      • Two dinners – Creamy Turkey Veggie Soup and fermented carrot sticks or cucumbers
      • One dinner- Root Vegetable soup made with Turkey bone broth.

“Treat your body to REAL FOOD! Your cells and taste buds will love it!”