How to Fight the Flu Naturally!

What can we do to prevent and fight the flu naturally?

Sick people still show up at work, go to school, shop at the grocery store and visit the bank. One thing we cannot do is avoid sick people. And this year flu season is early. Some of you may have already had sniffles, coughs and fevers.  What can we do to give ourselves the best protection?

What we can do is boost our immunity naturally.

Consume plenty of nourishing broths and stocks

Sip it, use it in soups, stews and sauces. Bone broth has long been used as a remedy for illnesses such as the cold and the flu. Make your own, or purchase locally made from health food stores and markets. Making your own broth ensures you can have a nutrient dense and flavourful brew. You can make it spicy and hot or mild.  Bone Broth cooked low and slow contains nutrients that are easy to absorb and use. Read more about the benefits of broths and stocks here.

Eat fermented foods and drinks

Saurkraut, kimchi, yoghurt, kefir, creme fraiche, beet kvass, kombucha…These lacto-fermented foods and drinks are immune boosting! Beat fall and winter colds by consuming lots of ferments! Make your own or purchase from local health food stores and markets. They are easy to make, inexpensive, and packed with good bacteria that will help to keep you well…or, if you are already feeling down, will help you to get better faster.

These “gut good guys” are full of probiotics!

Other Lifestyle choices

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Supplement with vitamin D3.
  • Eat lots of garlic and onions.
  • Avoid refined sugars.
  • Choose pastured animal fats and cold pressed oils.
  • Freshly press your vegetable and fruit juices.
  • Play! Spend time outside in nature; it’s a natural way to build immunity.

Fight the Flu Naturally!