3 Great Things about Fermenting with Friends

There are many things I love about fermenting vegetables with friends. The best is being with someone who is special to me. We get to share the work, talk lots and of course laugh. The time just seems to fly by. Last week I was with my friend Sue and her husband John, fermenting local carrots. We did carrot sticks with garlic and grated ginger carrots.

 Another thing I enjoy, is seeing what great kitchen tools and toys someone else has in their kitchen. Sue has a Nija that saved us this time. It came to our rescue while making for our Fermented Ginger Carrots,

That tool is slick at shredding the chunks of carrot and ginger that get stuck on top of the food processor. Just put the chunks in the Ninja, pulse a few times and you’ve got your veges shredded. No more worries about accidentally cutting fingers while dicing small pieces of ginger.

The sweetest tool though, was the glass flip top jars John found at Superstore.
They have RED seals! I love red!
I can just imagine how beautiful asparagus will look fermenting in one of those jars with a contrasting red seal. And cauliflower! I can see it now on kitchen counter. Asparagus, Cauliflower and Cucumbers all in a row and all topped with red!


The third great outcome of today’s ferment was a comment from John. He was pressed into shredding duty, mostly because we couldn’t talk over the noisy food processor. After his few minutes of processing carrots and ginger he declared:

“I thought  fermenting vegetables was hard work!”

If you have been putting off fermenting vegetables, because you heard it was hard work, you like John, are in for a surprise. To make your ginger carrots you will have to wash, top and tail and perhaps scrape your carrots in addition to shredding, but then it’s just a few minutes more of work and your vegetables are in the jar along with water and salt and fermenting has begun. Here’s my recipe for Fermented Ginger Carrots.

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