3 Proven ways to Eat Well and Save Money on Nourishing Food !

Who doesn’t like to spend less and get more!

I sure do!  What about Nourishing Foods and Affordability? Can we be nourished on a budget? With the following three foods we can! And BONUS. They can all be made at home from locally sourced ingredients.

Fermenting Vegetables not only keep the vegetables raw, preserving, and even increasing some vitamins and enzymes, it produces probiotics. And you don’t pay anything extra for that probiotic goodness! Your only cost is vegetables, salt, water and jar. That’s it! Fermented Vegetables such as saurkraut, beet kvass, dill cucumbers, carrots, asparagus can all be made with locally grown vegetables. We enjoy them with every meal as a condiment, or part of a salad. Another way to get that probiotic goodness is to add a tablespoon of the fermented juice to your water bottle. Whether you eat Paleo, Weston A. Price, GAPS, Vegan or Vegetarian, you can enjoy the yummy and nourishing benefits of fermented vegetables.

Fermented Vegetables


One of my favourite vegetable ferments, and the perhaps the easiest to introduce especially to children, is fermented carrot sticks. They are mild in flavour, and can easily be spiced up with garlic, ginger or other spices. Here’s a recipe for Fermented Carrot Sticks

 Bone Broth


I love Bone Broth! It is my comfort drink, especially on a cold day. I use it in all our soups, stews, sauces and as a healing food when sick. It is also great after a workout for tired and sore muscles and joints.  I have always loved soup, but now that I know how to make a great broth, so do the rest of my family. To make your own chicken broth, start saving your chicken bones and carcasses in the freezer. You can also check with your local butcher for pastured animal carcasses and bones. Bone broth not only has healing properties, it helps digest other foods and will cut your meat budget. That’s right; you save money consuming bone broth! That because it is a protein sparer, meaning you need less meat if you are consuming nutrient dense bone broth.

Get started on your own nourishing brew with this  Chicken bone broth recipe.  If you are using your saved bones, your only  cost is a few vegetables and some cooking time.

The last of our three super nourishing foods that save us money is Liver. It is the most nutrient dense food on the planet. Check out these liver stats. Not only is liver affordable, consuming it will save you money too! Because it is so nutrient dense, you don’t need to eat much of it and you will need to eat less other meats. I know! I know!  I can hear some of you saying, I hate liver. “It’s tough, it makes me gag, my mother hated it, or my mother forced me to eat it…” I’ve probably said all those things myself and am telling you there are ways to prepare liver that, if not leaving you wanting for more, at least willing to try it again.  A great way to sneak liver in is to include it in your burgers and meat loaf. Keep liver at less than 10% of the total meat and no-one notices.



A delicious appetizer, or pick me up snack, is chicken liver pate. Here’s a chicken liver pate recipe.


Are you wanting to learn more about preparing these and other nourishing traditional foods? Click here to see our line up of Interactive Workshops.