Brilliant Short & Intense Winter Workout!

Are you missing running hills? I am!

I miss how quickly my heart rate gets up for the amount of effort I put in. I miss doing my workouts outside. I miss that I can get a super effect workout in twenty to thirty minutes.

What are we to do when it’s too icy and snowy to safely run hills?

A workout where you are back home with rosy cheeks and have the wonderful feeling you get after a hard workout. Add another ten minutes and you are cooled down and stretched out. What’s the workout?

Snowshoe Running!

Here’s my fun workout! Mostly, because my snow shoes kick up a lot of snow and it felt like I was in a snow storm as snow came pouring over my head onto my face. It was harder work that I expected and my heart rate got up faster than it does during hill runs. If you try it, love it a lot and like the challenge of a race, there are races as close as Bragg Creek. Want to know more about snowshoe running, check it out  here at Impact Magazine.

What if I don’t Run?

Not a problem!  Just like the summer hill workout, walk at a pace so your heart rate is up there for short intense bursts. This is not hard to do when the snow is deep!

How do I safely do this workout?

Once you are outside with snow shoes on and in a snowy place, start walking. Warm up for five to ten minutes gradually increasing your heart rate. Then GO FOR IT for twenty to thirty seconds. REST. Completely recover and you have caught your breath. Then GO FOR IT again for twenty to thirty seconds. REST till you have caught your breath. REPEAT two to seven times. The hard work is done. Time to COOL DOWN. Be still till you have caught your breath and slowly walk back. A gently stretch, one of which is bending down to undo the snow shoes, and you are finished your workout!