6 Workout Tips for Busy Women!

  1. Do it Right! Your time is precious and your life is busy. If you aren’t exercising with good form, you are wasting your time. You want to benefit from your workout. If you aren’t sure what to do, join a local class or get personal training from a certified personal trainer and get a customized workout.

  2. Make it Fun! Train with a friend. Join a class, we as women need our social time to stay healthy.  If you don’t like what you are doing, you will not be likely to keep it up. Variety in a workout keeps it interesting, so mix it up. Run, jump, play, dance, box, cycle, stretch, wiggle, and giggle often! Laughing is great for the core and good medicine!

  3. Warm up! You want your body to be strong. You need your body to serve you well. Prevent injury and prepare your body for your workout by warming up effectively. This will include dynamic and full body movements. The warm up will slowly raise your heart rate and body temperature, get more blood flow to your muscles and joints, prepare your mind and muscles for what’s to come.  If your legs start to burn and you lose your breath, you know you are going too hard.

  4. Go for Intensity! Get your heart rate up there. High intensity workouts burn more calories, improve your metabolism and burn up more fat. This type of workout doesn’t take as long either. No more slow, boring hours spent at the gym to get fitness and health benefits.

  5. Make it count! Not only do you need to move well, you need to do movements that count. Full body or compound movements, are much more effective at preparing you for real life and burning calories. This type of movement uses more than one muscle group, examples include, squats, push ups, lunges, rowing movements, bending and twisting movements.

  6. No excuses! Eliminate all excuses. Short on time: Do it close to home. It cuts into social time: Do it with a friend. Going for coffee is not the only way to have great friend time. Keeping accountable to a personal trainer, friend, other women in a class can be just what you need to get you moving.