3 ways to keep your bones dense, strong and flexible!

Eat Well for your Bones

The one food that does this best for us is, Old Fashioned Bone Broth. It provides a variety of bioavailable minerals and has a high collagen content. Both minerals and collagen support our bone health. Not only is Bone Broth beneficial for Bone Health, it is known to supply what our body needs to repair and rebuild cartilage, help with mental distress and aid in digestion. Read more about beautiful bone broth here.

2. Move Well for your Bones.

Find weight bearing activities that strengthen your muscles, get your heart rate up and challenge your balance. Join a class that is fun for you. Check out LiveWell classes including a new boxing class here. Read the 6 workout tips for Women here.

Add more movement into your day:

  • Walk for your coffee break, when meeting a friend, having a meeting, for all or part of your commute, to the store, from the far end of the parking lot
  • Garden and shovel snow
  • Play with children, dance, golf (walk not cart), tennis, ski, snowshoe, hike
  • Cycle instead of driving
  • Stand up and move every 30 minutes

3. Be Well for your Bones
Find ways to relax and let stress go. Laugh often, breathe deeply, meditate, pray, spend time with friends and family.
A Bible proverb: Run to God! Run from evil! Your body will glow with health, your very bones will vibrate with health!