WorkOut Women

Do you just sit and fit in your chair, or do you want to feel fit in your chair?

Are you PUMPED TO LEARN Personal Strategies that will impact your health and have you Feeling Fit & Fabulous? I can help you!

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Next WOW! session starts week of March 4th, 2019

In WOW! small group exercise classes, we focus on building YOUR strength, energy & mobility. 

Do you want to
improve your strength?

Do you want energy 
that lasts all day?

Do you want mobility
for all your moves?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, WOW! WorkOut Women, is the group for YOU!

You've probably heard about small exercise groups before, but what exactly can you expect from WOW!? Let's go over the basics:

  • WOW! is a small group program, where you'll receive a personalized workout everytime, in a supportive group of encouraging women. Maximum 6 per class!
  • We focus on building YOUR strength, energy and mobility using a combination of full body, functional movements and portable equipment.
  • We cater to all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. You'll be surrounded by a welcoming group of women who will support and inspire you at every class!

Date, Time & Locations:

WOW! Classes in Deer Run

Fit and FUNctional
Full Body Fun Fitness and Strength.
Mondays 9:15am & 5pm
Thursdays 9:15am & 4pm

Core and Restore
For stable and strong ABS and Back.
Tuesdays 9:15am and 4:50pm.

More Classes Coming!

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Payments Options

  • 2 classes a week $227 Most Popular
  • 1 class a week $121
  • Unlimited classes $261  Best Deal
  • $197 for 6 week 10 pack pass
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Personal Training
Ideal for women in Deer Run/Ridge, Qland, Parkland, LK. Bon.

  • One on one is all about YOU!
  • You get a unique program, the one that your body needs.
  • Get YOUR Complimentary 45 minute Session

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