Traditional Food Workshops

LiveWell Traditional Foods Workshops are interactive and educational. I will show you all the steps in preparing and making these traditional foods. You will find out the nutritional benefits, how to prepare, where to get local ingredients and ways to introduce and include Traditional Foods in your every day eating. And there will be lots of tasting!

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Fermented Vegetables - $40

Next Workshop TBD
Saurkraut, Ginger Carrots, Beet Kvass.

Cabbage (sauerkraut and kimchi), carrots, cucumbers, asparagus and beet kvass
Probiotic Rich: And more! Fermented vegetables are nutrient dense and have anti-inflammatory properties
Digestive Aid: Just small amounts help stimulate digestive juices.
3 Easy Steps: That’s all it takes and you will have these superfoods ready!

Kombucha - $40

Next Workshop Wednesday October 10th, Bridlewood - FULL!

Refreshing: Kombucha is an easy to make and tasty reason to drink less pop.
Real Food: There a B vitamins, beneficial acids, yeasts and food enzymes.
Restorative: This drink can help with your gut health and even detoxifying.

Kombucha will naturally replace your electrolytes post workout.

Nutrient-Dense Broths and Stocks - $40

Next Workshop Thursday October 25th, 6:30pm Deer Run

Healing: Broths and Stocks are a natural source of gelatin, known as an effective healer in our bodies.
Digestive Aid: Other foods are more easily digested when consumed with broth and stock. Even grains!
Mineral Rich: Plentiful and easily absorbed minerals make this a superfood!

Cultured Dairy - $40

Next Workshop May 2019

Yogurt, kefir, butter, creme fraiche and cream cheese
Enzyme rich: The culturing of dairy restores much of the goodness destroyed during pasteurization.
Immune Boosting: These cultured dairy foods are full of beneficial bacteria and lactic acid.

Soaking & Preparing Grains - $40

Next Workshop: TBD

With just a little preparation you can unlock the abundant minerals and vitamins in grains, making them easier to digest.
Oats: the comfort grain for generations.
Quinoa: the new queen of grains.
Wheat: the current villain in the grain family.