3 Proven ways to Eat Well and Save Money on Nourishing Food !

Who doesn’t like to spend less and get more! I sure do!  What about Nourishing Foods and Affordability? Can we be nourished on a budget? With the following three foods we can! And BONUS. They can all be made at home from locally sourced ingredients. Fermenting Vegetables not only keep the vegetables raw, preserving, and even increasing some vitamins and […]

Brilliant Short & Intense Winter Workout!

Are you missing running hills? I am! I miss how quickly my heart rate gets up for the amount of effort I put in. I miss doing my workouts outside. I miss that I can get a super effect workout in twenty to thirty minutes. What are we to do […]

Apple Spice Kombucha

Winter came here a few weeks ago, which meant no more fresh garden mint for my favourite kombucha: Lime Mint Ginger Kombucha. Since then, I have been on the look out for a new second ferment flavour. Our freezer has an abundance of raspberries, my husband’s favourite, but I prefer something with a little […]

Eat, Play, Hug and Breathe your Stress Away!

Holidays are filled with family, friends, food, fun, obligation, parties, shopping, baking… and we all feel this one: stress! Here are four tips you can easily incorporate to help manage that stress and Celebrate with family and friends. Eat. Play. Hug. Breathe.   Eat Slowly. It stimulates your digestive juices. It may even help you […]

6 Benefits of Bone Broth

Why embrace one of the latest health food trends? Bone Broths and Meat Stocks Support Bone Health. The collagen and easily assimilated minerals in bone broth make it an excellent choice for bone health. Whether it’s for growing infants, recovery from fracture or an agent in treatment of chronic disorders such as […]

A Liberated Fermenter!

“Salt to taste” were the words I heard Sandor Katz, the world’s most renowned expert on fermentation, use when referring to lacto-fermenting vegetables. My ears perked up. Did he say “salt to taste”? No hard and fast 2% or 2 tbsp per quart of brine? There is no history of lacto-fermentation in my New Zealand […]

Inspiration from a 90 year old.

Inspiration from a 90 year old! How she stays young in heart, mind and body! Last week I was talking with my friend Ellie in Winnipeg about life, love and loss. Ellie is a healthy, vibrant and mentally alert ninety year old. How did she do it besides inheriting some good genes? By nurturing faith, […]

6 Workout Tips for Busy Women!

Do it Right! Your time is precious and your life is busy. If you aren’t exercising with good form, you are wasting your time. You want to benefit from your workout. If you aren’t sure what to do, join a local class or get personal training from a certified personal trainer and get […]

3 ways to keep your bones dense, strong and flexible!

Eat Well for your Bones The one food that does this best for us is, Old Fashioned Bone Broth. It provides a variety of bioavailable minerals and has a high collagen content. Both minerals and collagen support our bone health. Not only is Bone Broth beneficial for Bone Health, it is known […]